Ptilinopus solomonensis

Conservation status: 

Not Threatened.




    Ptilonopus [sic] solomonensis G. R. Gray, 1870, San Cristobal, Solomon Islands. Considered most closely related to P. rivoli, and allied to the P. viridis superspecies. Nine subspecies recognized. (source: Handbook of the Birds of World)

Subspecies and Distribution:

    * speciosus (Schlegel, 1873) - Numfor, Biak and Traitor's I in Geelvink Bay (NW New Guinea). * johannis (P. L. Sclater, 1877) - Admiralty Is, St Matthias Group and New Hanover (Bismarck Archipelago). * meyeri Hartert, 1926 - New Britain and satellite islands (Crown, Long, Tolokiwa, Umboi, Malai, Sakar, Witu, Umboi, Watom). * neumanni Hartert, 1926 - Nissan I in Green Is (W Solomons). * bistictus Mayr, 1931 - Bougainville and Buka (W Solomons). * vulcanorum Mayr, 1931 - Vella Lavella, Gatukai, Ranongga, Kolombangara, Rendova and Vangunu, in New Georgia Group (SW Solomons). * ocularis Mayr, 1931 - Guadalcanal (SE Solomons). * ambiguus Mayr, 1931 - Malaita (E Solomons). * solomonensis G. R. Gray, 1870 - San Cristobal and Uki (SE Solomons)
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